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London Leased Line

London Leased Line 

FlexFibre’s bandwidth on demand leased line service can now connect to London offices. Control your connectivity costs in near real time through our internet portal by upscaling or downscaling your bandwidth as and when you need it.

Why should a London business use our leased line service?

FlexFibre’s leased line service is different to most in the connectivity industry. Via our online XPortal, it is possible to scale your bandwidth to the level you require in near real time. There is no need to call a help desk or to raise a ticket – you can simply log on and assign the connection you need. That way, you aren’t paying for what you don’t use.

Aside from this impressive cost saving that will quickly add up over the months, a leased line can open up your London business to a number of key advantages. Accessing the Cloud will be one of the most immediate and critical digital transformation activities you can currently undertake as a business: the level of bandwidth control that our leased line service offers you allows you to subscribe to powerful software that is hosted remotely, in off site data centres. Take the example of establishing a Voice over Internet Protocol system: this can dramatically improve your firm’s ability to manage your customers and identify areas where for revenue generation, as well further reducing costs by streamlining existing systems into a single, accessible program. For more information on the advantages of having a London leased line and how bandwidth on demand can help your business then please see our series on the advantages a flexible connection can bring to your enterprise.

Can your London business take advantage of the UK government’s Gigabit Voucher Scheme to install a leased line system with flexible bandwidth?

FlexFibre are now an approved participant in the government’s Gigabit Voucher Scheme that offers grants of up to £3000 to help a business instal a leased line system. Many London based addresses should qualify for this leased line enabler scheme, and furthermore, FlexFibre offer a considerable advantage in getting a leased line installed into a London address: that of speed.

How long will it take to install a leased line into a London office?

There is a good chance we can provision your London leased line service within a matter of days, rather than weeks (or, more typically, within a 90 day period!). The infrastructure is already available throughout much of London and the surrounding industrial hub, so provisioning a leased line in this area and connecting it to your building’s port is far easier than having to lay the fibre through the streets in order to connect your port. In essence, the hard part has already been done.

What are the costs of having a London leased line installed?

The unique thing about FlexFibre is that the bandwidth caps can be raised and lowered as  you require in near real time through our online XPortal. So whilst there is a standard cost for our service based on the connection speed, ranging from 100 mega-bytes-per-second (£440 per month) to 1 giga-bytes-per-second (£960 per month), the fact that your company can alter this bandwidth in near real time to match the peaks and troughs of your internet usage can represent a substantial saving.

This differs from most normal London leased lines where a company would pay a flat monthly fee which have to be high enough to provide all their bandwidth demands. In reality, this would also need to accommodate the peaks of internet use and this would set their rate, so they might end up paying for usage that they actually only need once a week or for only a few minutes each day. This leads to a company paying for a massive amount of what is, essentially, dead capacity.

With FlexFibre’s near real time bandwidth on demand, this dead capacity that has to be paid for on a standard flat contract is vastly reduced.

If you think your London based business can benefit from FlexFibre’s leased line, bandwidth on demand technology, then please contact us and we can be happy to discuss your current usage and to see if our service could benefit you.