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London: Get your leased line installed in hours, not days.

In today’s world time is the one limiting factor that is beyond our control. But with FlexFibre’s Internet on Demand leased line service, setting up you organisation’s network is a matter of hours, not days or weeks. It can mean the difference between life and death for a modern Cloud using business.

London is a city on the move. With more than 8 million square feet of office space rented each year, and with an ongoing trend of businesses moving from the expensive West to the up and coming East and Docklands submarkets, the battle for real estate has never been hotter.

And this insatiable demand drives a demand of its own: with developers eager to profit from this market then old buildings are being torn down to provide the new offices that a London firm would expect. Even the quickest glance across the London skyline will usually reveal more busy cranes than you can count on a single hand. Often more.

But relocation for a firm brings headaches of its own. Many companies have experienced the problem of having to find temporary office space for certain departments, (or even the whole company itself), as they find themselves having to move out of their original dwelling before the new office space is available. In such a competitive environment, and with accountants and lawyers insisting on the best possible deals they can get, negotiations often go down to the eleventh hour before being signed off.

And such a last minute agreement can lead to a disaster for the supporting infrastructure to be installed on time. Getting a leased line installed in London can take anything from 30 days to a staggering 75 – in some cases more. For a company that has negotiated a move into a temporary building in one month’s time, then that could easily leave them without any leased line being available for a month or more.

Such is the extent of the problem that in 2016 Openreach, the owner of most of London’s fibre network, was warned by Ofcom to improve its installation time by cutting it down to a target of 40 days.

But even this is absolute snail pace in today’s fast moving environment, and for a company that needs access to its own fibre network it can potentially be a disaster. For a company that is used to 10 gigabyte a second on their own leased line, having to resort to standard Internet speeds of 70 megabytes a second, shared by other users in the vicinity, is something of a shock. It is also, as it goes without saying, a business risk due to severe bandwidth bottlenecking and far slower upload times for large files. And for companies requiring the Cloud to run their data processing in and for distribution across a number of sites, it can be positively fatal.

In response to this need, the launch of FlexFibre’s Internet on Demand leased line product is an ideal solution for companies and organisations that are in need of immediate fibre access. In partnership with Colt Group, and utilising their existing fibre network within the UK and overseas, FlexFibre can provide a fully working service within hours of demand.

What this speed of installation also means is that FlexFibre can be used as a redundancy Internet backup if a company’s current provider fails due to upgrade maintenance or accident. FlexFibre can be brought into place within hours and is a reliable form of backup Internet whenever needed.

And there are ambitious plans to expand: currently the FlexFibre infrastructure is only available in metropolitan areas: such as London, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester and the Slough and Reading areas to cater for the London overflow. Within the next few months of 2018, the fibre infrastructure will be rolled out across the M4 corridor to link Bristol and London, and further north linking Leeds and Liverpool to offer our leased line service across a wider proportion of the country.

To see if your organisation falls within an area we can provide leased line services in, check our website and put your office postcode into our location checker – that will tell you if the service is available in your locality.